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In Quarantine

It’s been a while, hope you are all doing fine.

Ok, the Kulturbotschaft Berlin-Lichtenberg is now a history.

This year has started pretty busy for Tim, though, it’s not even an issue anymore. [Mehr lesen…]

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A happy new year!

Well.., Tim’s been busy carrying stuffs out and away from “Kulturbotschaft Berlin-Lichtenberg”(need to move out), so there isn’t much time yet to spend for creating, though, he finds his old materials again by sorting out the things and sees the city of Berlin while transporting all the trash here to there, many things can inspire him and so it goes further.

There’re some projects coming up soon, so keep yourself updated!

A happy new year for us all!!

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That was it!

Say Good bye to „Kulturbotschaft Berlin-Lichtenberg“.

That was it and we are out.

To reach Tim, please try to call him or write an e-mail. [Mehr lesen…]

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Art and Galleries in Berlin

Thank you all, who came to the exhibition at the gallery “Supalife Kiosk” (FB page : Supalife).

Tim’s exhibition goes further/renewed (=growing) at a “new opening gallery” in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin. 
(Schönhauser Allee 129 : Info coming up soon enough!)..

Well, we can’t wait. [Mehr lesen…]

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How do you know Tim’s art from?

The questionnaire of the home page is pretty interesting.

More than 50% of the People know Tim’s Art from “Kunsthaus Tacheles”.

Who knows, if it’s good or not, but it still is for him, for us an honer for sure.

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