Kulturbotschaft Berlin Lichtenberg

Thank you very much for your interests and a lot of likes on FB.

The project house "Kulturbotschaft Berlin-Lichtenberg" has started nicely in Feb. 2018 and has turned into a popular place to join & to enjoy the art in every form.


Strange that the huge building like that has been actually standing there as nothing for many years in the city of Berlin and nobody gave a shit about it..., but good, that at least something like Kulturbotschaft Berlin-Lichtenberg could have happened and people also like it somehow.

Well, to make the long story short, KuBo isn't commercial, but needs to pay its rent.

KuBo isn't the place meant for the public, this is the law, so KuBo needs to be rich enough, not having have to make any money for running KuBo.

We are very thankful for the people who are to support.

Keep yourself updated!

Kunst und Kultur in Lichtenberg

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